Brooks-educated photographer. Wifey. Momma to a tenacious little boy. Lifelong Washingtonian. City mouse/country mouse. Magazine Junkie. An Official Webby Honoree for art directing a 5 day photo shoot of 165+ dogs. Yes, dogs. Yes, it was amazing.

By day (and weekends and sometimes holidays), I run my little woman-owned photo and editing business for the love of creating timeless and thoughtful images for couples, families, entrepreneurs and organizations. I enjoy watching small businesses grow and thrive, so let me help you create visuals to get you there and build those lasting relationships. 

To Do List: Visit Iceland (and not just pass through the airport), photograph a cookbook, run/jog/skip a 10K, learn how to screen print, finish a book.

I firmly believe a photograph is an investment in your own history. 


Based in Maryland. Will go anywhere.