Connie and John // Three weeks and counting

Just a mini photo shoot with Connie and John before their big wedding day on June 30.  And of all things it was John's birthday, too.  As far as I could gather these two are like George Burns and Gracie Allen.  John is the center, the straight man.  And Connie buzzes around in giggles and energy.  She's a great conversationalist and I know that if I get distracted by her infectious energy we'd wind up talking all night and miss the wedding.  Focus, Beth, focus.

This was our first meeting, so we worked on building our rapport and talked about their wish list for photos, scouted locations together, and hashed out the details of the day.  But I can't imagine anyone not able to find rapport with these two.  Adorable is the best word that comes to mind.

Happy birthday, John!!

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