Deffinbaughs - Love + Laughter

Meet Scott and Denise. They have six children. Did you hear me? They have SIX children!  I can barely get my own son out the door, but let alone six? From the outside, these two seem superhuman, but hanging out with them I'm always remind about how simply great they are.

I have known Denise since second grade and watching her and her husband create a wonderful family has been awe inspiring. (Don't get any ideas, Mom, we like our one kid.) Scott laughs at all my bad jokes, which is why I like this guy so darn much. He and I need to go out for a beer.

Denise called me to take family photos before their oldest, Vicci, started college at McDaniel. One thing lead to another and everyone wound up getting new head shots.  Scott secretly told me between head shots and family portraits he fell asleep on the couch. . .in his suit. Who can blame him?

It's always a pleasure and an honor to have this family of 9 (Coco the dog, too) to block off time for me.  

Kids (in order): Vicci, John, Scott Jr., James, Joe, Lexi (count 'em, did I get them all?)


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