Kitten Cam 2.0

There are new kittens in town.  Yesterday I was able to photograph four new kittens for Animal Planet's Kitten Cam!  My web producer, Jodi, adopted two kittens from the first round of kitten cam stars and was able to take them home yesterday.  And I was there to document their first family portraits! Needless to say these kittens were adorable except that Katharine Hepburn did take a chomp on my finger.  Bette Davis and I bonded the most, Greta Garbo definitely wanted to "be alone," and Cary Grant was very active and silly.

   Bette Davis

   Katharine Hepburn

   Cary Grant

   Greta Garbo

     Me, Bette, and Katharine

     Jodi, Etta, and Otis

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