A Sunday Shoot // Chevy Chase

There must be something in the water on the 5th floor at Discovery because the women of Domestic Distribution are some of the loveliest around.  Jen contacted me after last weekend's photo shoot with Becky and her family, so yesterday I visited their new home.  You would never know they just moved in a week ago.  Gary made sure this session had some James Taylor Christmas tunes to keep everyone light and festive.  Little did they know that "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" makes me bawl, so I had to choke back the tears.

Jen and Gary's son Holden is the sweetest little boy.  You can see that quiet wonder in his eyes.  He's smart, loving, adorable, and curious.  The perfect little man.  17 months is one of my favorite ages for little ones.

We were also lucky to include a beloved family member, Marianna, in the shoot.  Holden loves Marianna so and those snuggly hugs from her are unmatched. What a wonderful caretaker Marianna is for little Holden.

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