2012 - A big thank you

I have taken of a few weeks during the holidays to rest, rejuvenate, and set my 2013 goals, so let's get back to work. It has also very busy at the offices of Discovery.  Like the past 6 years, January at Discovery means Puppy Bowl mania for the Animal Planet website.  I cannot wait to share with you some of the work I have done this past fall, but it cannot be released until Feb 3, which is Super Bowl, ahem, I mean Puppy Bowl Sunday.  Stay tuned puppy fans!!

Until then this blog post is especially for my clients this year.  It's a mix of weddings, family portraits, headshots, new business owners, work for Animal Planet, and a OH BABY and new baby!  2012 was my first year rebuilding my business on a grander scale.  As my son grows older and more independent, I have more time to dedicate to my photography and it felt tremendous to be back.  Thank you to all of my clients who gave me the opportunity to be more creative (and to get out of the house once in a while).  You and your families inspire me everyday and have given me the faith and strength to keep growing.  

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and know with your encouragement I will continue to grow my business.  THANK YOU!

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