A Little Lens Luck

I am lucky to have my birthday fall on the Ides of March, so the party tends to stretch itself through St. Patrick's Day, which I have always enjoyed and encouraged.

This year I added a new member to the family, and for those of you who don't know, a new lens really is member of the family.  The Canon 100mm macro has incredible range close up for those details.  I hope you enjoy being a Caldwell, new girl, because I plan to keep you for a very long time.

Investing in "good glass" has always been a love of mine.  I read about them, circle them in the catalogs, talk about them, think about how my work will change once I get them in my hands.  Lenses can last for at least a decade if cared for properly, whereas new camera bodies will come and go.  The only lens I have ever replaced was a 50mm and that's because I dropped it. . .during a wedding ceremony. . .on a slate floor. . .during probably the quietest moment in the ceremony.  Talk about a fail.

And lucky us -- we also happen to have a a small four-leaf clover patch in our backyard.  Last summer I pulled eight clovers and pressed them in a book knowing that this mini shoot would come today.

I am one lucky gal!  Love to all - Beth