First sleepover

My son, Greydon, and his best bud, Dexter, had their first sleepover this weekend!  I have been planning this photo story for a couple weeks, so I am thrilled to see it come to fruition and it's exactly as I had envisioned.  One thing to know about my kid...he HATES having his picture taken and it's rare to catch him in front of the camera without sticking his tongue out or making a silly face.  However, with Dexter by his side he warmed up to my camera immediately.  Dexter seems to have magical powers.

These two have had the fortunate opportunity to be in school together since they were infants. Discovery Communications has a daycare/school within its headquarters and these two little guys, separated by about 5 weeks in age, have been through it all together for almost four years.  Diapers and bottles, learning to walk and riding bikes, reading letters and holding pencils.  They truly enjoy each other's company and I consider Dexter to be Greydon's better half.  Another interesting fact about Dexter is that his mother and I went to high school together in Rockville.  For any fellow RHS-ers reading this post I am talking about the lovely Kelly (Picciotta) Kane.

So, let's go on with the Dexter-n-Greydon Show!

   They talked the entire 30 mile ride home.

    After a short game of soccer, they decided that gathering rocks was more fun.

   When you gotta go you gotta go.  Boys will be boys.  *Sigh*  No comment.

    "Awwwww maaaaaan," giggled Dexter.  


    Ready. Set. Throw!


   Damascus' finest establishment.  If you ever pass through town make sure stop at Jimmie Cone.

    Pixar time

    The morning after. . .watching cartoons.  What else, of course?!

    After breakfast they returned to the couch again.  More Pixar, please.

    And one last chance to rock out before Mom arrives.