Amy + Ian // Engaged!

I was introduced to Amy and Ian through one of my colleagues at Discovery who went to high school with Ian. But Amy and Ian met at Florida State and after graduation moved to DC for work. Ian proposed at the Jefferson Memorial last fall and they plan to wed in Amy's home state of Michigan in May 2014. So they asked me to take their engagement photos.

So Amy hatched a plan to shoot at the Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin with the infamous DC cherry blossom trees. Being a native Washingtonian the blossoms can come out anywhere from mid March to mid April. So we waited . . . and waited . . . and two weeks had passed. . . and it had snowed twice since we first chatted. Blossoms or no blossoms this shoot was happening on April 7th, and lucky for us about 20% of the trees were in bloom! We were in business.

Now the trickiest part was to take a very busy and crowded time in DC and make Amy and Ian look like they were the only ones there. So we waited . . . and waited . . . and tourists would walk in and out of the photos, but Ian would kindly tell them to scram and voila!

There was also a cupcake break.  I brought in some cherry blossom Georgetown Cupcakes as a special treat.

But my favorite thing about this shoot, other than Amy's adorable dresses, was the fact that Ian did not wear socks. Now my dad also grew up in Florida and he used to say he only owned 3 pairs of socks: black, brown, and blue. So when I saw Ian sans socks I knew I was dealing with an real Florida boy. :-)

Congratulations you two!

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