Betty - The New It Girl (well, in South Korea at least)

Betty and I work together on the website.  She is a web producer and I am her photo editor, as many of you well know by now.  Betty was asked to be featured in an article in a Korean magazine, so she asked if I would grab some shots of her around the office when she was visiting from our NYC office.  By the way, this shoot actually took place on the 8th floor of the Animal Planet offices in Silver Spring.  This fun area has been dubbed "The Tank."

Now, one of my dreams is to be published in print.  There is something so permanent about print that I just don't get from online publishing.  Maybe it's my upbringing surrounded by Nat Geo magazines and books from my father.  See, I'm a magazine junky and subscribe to about 20 magazines.  For me it's like getting a picture book in the mail every month.  I love it.  So I'm hoping Betty and I can get our hands on the magazine once it's printed, and when we do I'll be sure to post it on the blog!

Oh Betty - I just love how busy-busy-busy you are on your cell phone. HA!

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