Personal Post // Diving into something new!

I've been wanting to try something new with my photography, so it's time to venture into the world of underwater photography! I bought the poor man's version of underwater housing to practice before ever investing in the serious gear. The DiCAPAC took some getting used to and I scratched the lens on the inside from the tiny ridges around the edge of lens filter, but it didn't seem to create any issues in the final images. 

My incredible models, Sana and Abby, are two graduating seniors on Greydon's swim team, the Damascus Dolphins, and on their way to college next month. I wanted these photos to be more than just fun, but to have a purpose and meaning behind them. So I bought a chiffon dress at Nordstrom Rack and made these girls bring out their "inner mermaid." And they sure did work hard! Chiffon is heavy, but flows beautifully in water though makes it hard to dive, turn and twist. I think they did a wonderful job and I can't wait to give them their canvas prints!!

Thank you girls for trusting me and not thinking I was a complete wacko when I asked you to do this!!