Our Vow Renewal in Ireland

So I've saved this post for March 17th for you all. Some of you know and some don't, but Fletcher and I renewed our vows last October for our tenth anniversary. We hired an amazing photography team called Simple Tapestry from Belfast and Julie Antonette to conduct the ceremony. If any of you are headed to Northern Ireland to renew your vows these are the people you want with you!!

I chose Deci and Brideen Baxter to photograph our vow renewal because I wanted that dark and moody feel, which is what I imagined Ireland looking like. I chose Julie because she seemed to encapsulate the upbeat, cheery Irish demeanor I imagined all the Irish possess, which they do. These three were so wonderful to work with! I love them so much!!

We did some "getting ready" photos at our rental house. Pearson, Fletcher's brother, was able to reprise his roll of Best Man at the ceremony and we were so excited and blessed to have his girlfriend, Carolyn there , too!!! She made us animal cracker chicken for lunch. 

In the end, the moral of the story and the reason behind this whole post is I believe in deep down in my heart that it's so important to invest in yourself, your family, your love, your history. Greydon will have these photos of his parents forever. Some of my most treasured items in life are photos of family and friends. Hands down. We took this opportunity to celebrate ourselves after an interesting year of change, reflection and hard work. It's one of the best investments Fletcher and I have ever done.

Anyway, on with some photos of our Irish adventure! There are loads, so enjoy. :-)

©Simple Tapestry - no image from this blog post maybe used without permission.