A Kennedy Center Proposal - Dean and Ellie get engaged!!

Lies. Nothing but lies. And Dean roped me into his web of lies and I loved every second of it.

Dean told Ellie they were going to a cocktail party at the Kennedy Center. The Kennedy Center was a perfect place for Dean to propose and the rooftop terrace proved to give us wide open spaces to work with. It was hazy and hot that afternoon and I arrived about 30 minutes early and parked myself at a picnic table. I was worried about there being a lot of people milling around on the terrace but there weren't. There was hardly anyone! Now, I started to get nervous. She was definitely going to see me. Ahhhh!

But Ellie didn't see me at all. She was so focused on Dean she didn't even see me sitting 30 feet away with my long lens. Dean had her captivated and I knew she was in love. I watched this proposal unfold in front of me and it was so lovely. She was truly surprised! My favorite part was when Dean turned to me and asked, "How'd I do?" (see the last photo - HA!)

We took some time and did some portraits and when he told Ellie he made dinner reservations at Honeysuckle for a romantic evening for just the two of them. Another lie!! He had his and Ellie's family waiting for them at Honeysuckle. What a reunion!

In the end, Dean is simply mad about Ellie. You can see it in his eyes, in the planning he did to make this evening happen, in the letters he wrote her. Oh, and Ellie is from Rockville. And everyone knows a good girl from Rockville is a keeper! *wink, wink*