My friend, Miriam, asked me to do her daughter Camryn's hair for prom. Now, here's the kicker. I can't even do my own hair! But these two ladies put their trust in me, whereas I put my trust in bobby pins and hairspray. Anyway, let's talk about Camryn. She's off to the University of Maryland Honors College in the fall and they have gotten themselves a great gal. Truly. 

We had time for a few prom photos with her boyfriend, Chris, and family. It was a gorgeous evening and I hope the Clarksburg HS Class of 2017 had a blast!



The Strikers are back!

This is the fourth time I have photographed the Strikers in the past year. To have repeat clients is wonderful, but to watch Steve and Anne's baby girl grow is even better. Ella is 8 months old now and just as adorable as ever. She's a quiet little girl and just as sweet as she can be. I'm going to love watching this little one grow over the years! I miss her already. Does anyone have a baby I can borrow?