Lauren and Matt | Married!!

So this blog is late. Like really late. In fact all my blogs are really late so this is just the beginning of a long series of posts, so I'm kicking this whole thing off with an incredible couple! Meet Lauren and Matt!

Lauren and Matt are one of the loveliest couples I've met and photographed. There is one word to sum up their wedding. LOVE. And I'm not kidding. There was so much stinkin' love at this wedding it was a hug-fest and I attribute it to the bride and groom. Their wedding was filled with so much emotion I cried at least four times that day. I need help, I know.

And they were also blessed with a perfectly timed rain storm EXACTLY during the ceremony and then it was over. Amazing! That's good luck for sure!

Ok, I'm done gushing over these two. Let's get on with some photos!