It's the last day of second grade for Greydon and he 's feeling a bit nostalgic about the whole thing and doesn't want to talk about it. 

So some changes have happened in the past few months. The first change you might noticed is we swapped Greydon's room and the guest room. He was outgrowing his baby room and wanted more space, so we spent about three weeks painting and moving furniture around. In the midst of it all I said to Fletcher that as soon as we're done we'll probably find a new house and move.

Um...yep, so that happened. We did find a house and move on July 15th. We'll stay in Damascus, but Greydon will move on to Damascus Elementary School, which is a great little school where he already has friends from swim team and baseball and I know a few of the staff. 

So this is the last you will see of our townhouse. Say goodbye everyone. Come the first day of third grade the photos will be in our new home. It really is nostalgic.